4 Hybrid Silicone Phone Cases

Silicone phone cases are very popular because they are high-quality yet affordable. Find them in a variety of beautiful colors and designs. They are made of a silicone and petroleum compound. With their grippy texture, they are easy to hold. That means fewer slips and drops. For extra protection, MYBAT cellphone cases are silicone and polycarbonate hybrids. 

4 Hybrid Silicone Phone Cases You Should Check Out

TUFFSilicone Phone Cases

TUFF cases are built to outlast everyday accidents. The rubberized silicone inner lining protects your phone from bumps and dings. The silicone is surrounded by two impact-resistant polycarbonate outer shell frames. The extended padding protects corners and edges from impact and improves grip.

TUFF Vivid

Silicone Phone Cases

Find a case as dazzling as your personality. Mini crystal rhinestones add a little shine to your life. The extended silicone inner bumper protects your phone’s corners and edges while providing a non-slip grip. The polycarbonate outer shell shields the midsection from scratches. The extended front bezel provides lay-on-table protection.

VergeSilicone Phone Cases

The Verge case provides you with all-around bumper protection. The shock-absorbing silicone bumper protects your phone’s covers and edges while improving grip. It has a double-layered construction with a silicone inner case and exterior polycarbonate outer shell. The metal kickstand transforms your phone into a media center. Kickback and watch your favorite shows with ease. 


Silicone Phone Cases

Take a walk on the wild side and show off your hardcore attitude with a Skullcap cellphone case. The dual layer construction of silicone and polycarbonate prevents drops and dings. But if it does skid across the asphalt, this military drop-test standard case shields your phone. The raised lip for enhanced lay-on-table design protects your phone screen from counter-top scratches.

Since silicone cases have a slightly sticky feel, they can easily become dirty. Learn how to clean silicone phone cases.

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