The Best Sync Cables for iPhone Car Chargers

You’re on a road trip or commuting to work when you realize your cell phone is almost out of power. With a sync cable on hand, there’s no need to panic. Newer cars come equipped with a USB port, making sync cables the perfect iPhone car chargers. Or, use an adapter to plug in your sync cable and charge your phone no problem. Sync cables are small enough to keep in the glove compartment, center console, or anywhere in your car without taking up much space. Keep one in your bag to charge your phone from your power bank, computer or any USB outlet.

3 Sync Cables that Make Charging Your Phone a Breeze

1. 2-in-1 Cable (Lightning and Micro-USB Connectors)iPhone Car Chargers

Have both an Apple and an Android device? No problem! This 2-in-1 Apple certified lightning car adapter and Micro USB connector support most Apple and Android devices. You can even use data transferring and fast-charging technology at the same time. 

Charge your phone in a flash with no snags. Don’t waste time untangling or tugging on your charging cord, getting kinks that can break it. This sturdy, tangle-free braided nylon cord has you covered. Take this super lightweight charger wherever you go to charge your phone in a flash.

2. Right-Angled Lightning Sync Cable

iPhone Car Chargers

Whether you are at home or on the road, charge your Apple products with lightning speed. This reinforced cable takes the worry out of your cable breaking. The unique 90-degree angle plug is shielded by a durable cover that provides durability and grip. It is perfect for charging your Apple products in tight places without bending and damaging your wire. Certified by Apple, this cable is compatible with all Apple 8-pin devices. 

3. Lightning Sync CableiPhone Car Chargers

Compatible with all Apple lightning devices and built to last, the Lightning Sync Cable has a tough cord and a durable connector. If you accidentally yank or pull your charger out of the wall, you don’t have to worry about breaking the wire. 

The Lightning Synch Cable also gives you room to recharge while you use your phone. With a four-foot cable, you don’t have to sit right next to the USB port. The cable easily reaches any passenger, even in the back of the car. 

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