Pros and Cons of Your Cellphone Case Material

When you choose a cellphone case, your primary concern might be style. But when your phone slips from your hand, skidding across the asphalt, you pray you chose a strong enough case. What material your case is made of is vital to your phone’s safety.

Cellphone cases can be made of a variety of materials including silicone, plastic, leather, and metal which all have advantages and disadvantages. The best material for a cellphone case depends what you are looking for in a case.

4 of the Most Common Cellphone Case Materials

1. Silicone Phone Cases

Silicone cases are high-quality yet very affordable. They are made of a petroleum and silicone compound. Since they are very popular, there is a wide variety of styles and colors. Since silicone cases are slightly sticky, they are very easy to hold. That means fewer slips and drops.

Unfortunately, their stickiness also means they can easily become dirty. If you plan on buying a silicone case, be sure to learn how to clean silicone phone cases.

2. Plastic Phone Cases

cellphone case materials

The vast majority of cellphone cases are made of plastic. The most common plastic used in cellphone cases is polycarbonate, an extremely hard plastic. Another type of commonly used plastic is polyurethane, a plastic that can be hard or soft depending on how it is manufactured. Since there are plenty of plastic cases, you are likely to find the color and design you are searching for. Also, these cases are super affordable, easy to grip, and some come with extra features like kickstands. 

The downside is that they may not effectively protect your phone. Keep in mind that some plastic cases that are not accompanied by any cushioning material. Cushioning helps protect against impact.

3. Metal Phone Cases

Since many cellphones are made of metal, it makes sense to use a metal phone case for extra protection. Most often, aluminum is used for metal cellphone cases. These cases are super effective for protecting your phone from scratches and tumbles. 

There are some drawbacks despite their strength. Metal phone cases can be slippery and difficult to hold. Also, these cases may block your cellphone signal and prevent wireless charging. 

4. Leather and Faux Leather Cases

cellphone case materials

Soft and durable, leather and faux leather are popular options for wallet cellphone cases. These cases have multiple compartments to hold your phone, cash, and credit cards. Leather and faux leather cases protect your phone from scratches but are not as effective as protecting it from fall impacts. They are easy to grip and hold so it is less likely to fall from your hand.

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