What Are the Different Types of Cellphone Chargers?

The terror of an uncharged phonemissed calls, unread emails, social disconnect, and general anxiety. Luckily, there are cellphone chargers for pretty much every situation. Whatever your situation and wherever you are, here is a selection of cellphone chargers that can save your day.

6 Types of Cellphone Chargers

1. Wall Chargers

It’s standard issue. Most cellphones come with a wall charger. These chargers plug directly into a wall outlet. The benefit is that wall chargers are the most efficient, fastest chargers. So, it’s great to keep one of these near the place you are most, like by your bed or desk.

2. USB Chargerscellphone charger

Most wall chargers can transform into a USB charger by detaching the sync cable from its wall hub. You can also buy a USB charger with a variety of cord lengths. USB chargers plug into the wall socket, car or any outlet that supplies a charge. These sync cables will work with any USB chargers to power up your smartphone. 


3. Car Chargerscellphone charger

Your phone dies while you're lost and trying to pull up Google Maps. It'san absolute nightmare—and all too common. That nightmare is exactly why car chargers are a dream come true. If you have a newer car with a USB port, sync cables can make charging your phone a breeze. Newer cars with outlets also make it easy for you to just plug in your wall charger and go.

Older cars that still have a cigarette lighter will need an adapter. That lighter port is a 12-volt accessory outlet. Depending on the adapter you get, it can either allow you to plug in a USB charger or a wall charger.

4. Powerbanks

Powerbanks let you charge your phone anywhere without keeping it plugged into a stationary outlet. Built-in batteries power your phone as portable as their name says. The only potential downfall, forgetting to recharge the power bank.

5. Wireless Chargerscellphone charger

Wireless chargers are as easy as letting go! With wireless chargers, you never need to plug in your phone. Simply place your phone on top of the charging base to charge. Unfortunately, wireless chargers only work with compatible devices. Check if your phone is compatible before investing in a charger.

The iPhone X, iPhone 8, and most Android phones allow wireless charging. The phone begins to charge once it is placed on top of the wireless charger. Resonant inductive couplings in your phone and charger transmit electricity without touching directly. Previous iPhones used aluminum casings, which blocked wireless chargers from working. So, if you want to use a wireless charger on an older iPhone model, you needed a wireless charging receiver.

6. Multiport USB Chargers

If multiple devices are low on power and need charging simultaneously, choose a multiport USB charger. Multiport USB chargers plug into one USB port but have multiple ports for your devices. Plug in your cell phone, tablet, exercise tracker and whatever devices you charge simultaneously. 

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