What Cellphone Cases Work with a Wireless Charger?

The iPhone 8, iPhone X, and most newer Android devices keep your phone topped off easier than ever with wireless chargers. To keep up with the latest, MYBAT has created a selection of fabulous cases compatible with wireless chargers. They are designed to protect your phone without sacrificing style. 

What types of phone cases are compatible with wireless chargers?

Wireless charging works with cases made of any material except metal or concrete. (But we have yet to see a concrete case!) Older phones may have a metal casing, so you’ll have to check if it can be adapted to a wireless charger with a receiver.

Another consideration is any cases that have magnetic flaps. Magnets interfere with wireless charging. If you choose to use one of our detachable wallets, you should remove the case from your phone for the most effective charge.  

What is a Qi wireless charger?

A Qi wireless charger is a type of charger that uses resonant and inductive charging. (That means it charges by being in contact with the phone.) 

No more cords to carry. No need to plug in the phone. Plug the wireless charging base into an outlet. As soon as you place the phone on top of the charging base, it will begin charging.

Older versions of the iPhone used aluminum casing, which prevented wireless chargers from working. If you want to use a wireless charger to charge an older iPhone model, you need to use a wireless charging receiver.

Learn more about how a wireless charger works.

4 Phone Cases Compatible with Wireless Chargers

TUFF Cases

Keep your phone at full power with a TUFF Case. These hybrid covers are built to last through everyday accidents. The textured hard polycarbonate outer shell protects the phone from scratches while the soft inner thermoplastic polyurethane protects the phone from shocks. The extended corner padding provides enhanced grip and protects vulnerable corners and edges from drops and dings.

Liquid Glitter Cases

Liquid Glitter Cases are stylish and charge in a breeze. Quicksand glitter and glitter stars and hearts float through high-quality liquid paraffin, a colorless mineral oil commonly used in cosmetics. This hybrid case includes a thermoplastic polyurethane core surrounded by a durable polycarbonate bumper frame. Extended padding protects the corners and edges from impact while making the case easier to grip.

Hybrid Cases

3-in-1 hybrid cases include a screen protector, Kinetic Hybrid Cover, and fitted holster. The exterior polycarbonate hard-shell shields the midsection of the device from impact while the inner TPU sleeve protects in from shocks. Transform your case into a media center. The holster easily converts into a stand for watching YouTube Videos and playing on apps. 

Candy Skin Cases

Candy Skin cases give your phone the protection they need without being to bulky. This transparent case shows off your phone’s original design without sacrificing protection. It is made of non-toxic TPU which cushions the phone from everyday impacts.

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